Are We Done Yet?

Apparently not. In this case the “we” I’m referring to are women leaders, and the “not done yet” refers to Facebook COO’s Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In which examines why women’s progress in leadership roles has not moved forward in the 30 years after women became 50 percent of the college graduates in the United States.

A woman who has taken action within the veterinary profession in six short months is Dr. Karen Bradley,  this issue’s featured guest column interviewee. Dr. Bradley is the newly installed President of the Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative (WVLDI).  Watch for both Dr. Bradley and this group to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming months.  She’s not done yet.

Today marks the start of the North American Veterinary Community Conference (NAVC), and as I was preparing to write this post I was looking backward for what I wrote last year.  Blank. That was because I was on crutches last year and dealing with other health issues. I made it through, but I sure wasn’t posting. This year I’m here honored to represent the Germinder & Associates and teams at a conference packed with promise — 30 years plus after graduating. There’s no “done yet” here.

The American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB) Helping People Help Their Pets column featuring chapter editors and  authors from the Decoding Your Dog book we unveiled last week. This includes Debra Horwitz, DVM, DACVB, Chair of the ACVB Public Relations Committee.  She will be signing books at the Ceva Animal Health Booth #331 on Tuesday, January 21st from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  The ACVB column is just the start of new items you will be seeing on You will soon be seeing more interviews, more videos, more contests, and more just good stuff! No “done yet” there.

And finally, I thought of someone so special and treasured in veterinary medicine that has made a lasting impact in my professional career and a host of others. I initially was introduced to Dr. Bradley by Dr. Mary Beth Leininger. Dr. Leininger, the first woman president of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and now a member of the prestigious AVMA’s Council on Education (COE) is hard at work to address issues in veterinary education.  I first met her when she was Chair of the AVMA Public Relations Committee and I was launching the “Pets Need Dental, Care Too!,” campaign. No “done yet” there.

Are “we” as women, no matter what our profession and what the status and level of our leadership roles done yet 30 years out? These women in veterinary medicine — collectively with a host of others — and with the support and championing of their male colleagues are not done by a long shot.  Myself?  I’ve also been supported along the way by both males and females (as I can’t forget four brothers, one of whom works with me now).  Together, we are not done.  Nope, not by a long shot.

A Giant Passes On, Honor Among Us? You Bet!

I’m back from NAVC and here in the New York metro area we are preparing for yet another snow blanket.  I don’t mind when I’m inside my office but taking road trips is another story.  We were quite delayed flying out of Orlando, but while I lamented there was not much sunny weather, admittedly coming back and driving in the icy cold was worse. 

All in all it was a very successful conference.  And yes, Ceva did have their new logo all ready to go as evidenced here.

I’m waiting for the final numbers but was told number of attendees, booths, etcetera were up.  The Marriott Piano Bar was a testament to that.  Everyone is glad 2011 is here.  Lots of  iPads and iPods being given away, so I was pretty happy about the success of our own contest giving away TEN  iPads plus the matching shelter donations.

Sadly I heard last night from Dr. Fred Scott, former director of the Feline Cornell Health Center and icon in his own right, that the legendary Dr. Robert Kirk passed away yesterday after a long illness.  We’ll have more on that on our  web site, as we had known of and interviewed Dr. Kirk a few times. I’ve been so fortunate to know the legends in the veterinary profession. Wow, what contributions he made.

Some people (including me!) noticed a very prominent poster from a former client still using the original branding our parent company developed.  After 30 years in the business, it’s not an unlikely sight and in a way a nice compliment — even if it is yet another group getting paid to produce it now.  Sigh, such is the life of  “work for hire.”  Good thing we’ve always got fresh ideas to keep us moving ahead, otherwise we’d be “catty” and what good does that do you!  A good idea is a good idea forever.  Thanks for the tributes, it’s nice to be noticed.

Ceva Selects Lenexa, Kansas for Corporate Headquarters

Ceva Santé Animale, a global leader in the animal health industry, has selected Lenexa, Kan., to maintain and expand its North American corporate headquarters. 
“Ceva’s decision to maintain and expand its current Lenexa campus is a testament to the support we have received from the Animal Health Corridor,” said Dr. Arnaud Bourgeois , Vice President of Ceva Group. “We are committed to providing innovative vaccine solutions and quality products to improve the health and well-being of animals. Thanks to the Animal Health Corridor’s extended networking opportunities, resources in the State of Kansas, including the Kansas Bioscience Authority, and support from officials in Lenexa; we will continue to invest in breakthrough technologies that support our future growth.”Brad Butler, Chief Operating Officer of Ceva Animal Health, Companion Animal Division, said, “We will continue to launch new products generated from our  innovative research to increase our footprint within the United States. Much of the talent we will utilize comes from the Corridor area, where resources and aptitude are abundant. We’re also maintaining our corporate presence in Rutherford, N.J., as our efforts there focus on helping companion animals.”The company will create 20 new corporate level positions in HR, finance, IT, legal and customer service.

“The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor is pleased that Ceva will retain their national headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas.  Ceva is a pillar of the animal health industry in the Corridor and this decision is very significant to the Corridor and the industry as a whole,” said George Heidgerken, President and CEO, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., and Chairman of the KC Animal Health Corridor Advisory Board.

About Ceva
Ceva Santé Animale is a global veterinary health company focused on the research, development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products and vaccines for pets, livestock, swine and poultry.

About the KC Animal Health Corridor
The Kansas City area accounts for 32 percent of the $19 billion global animal health industry. The Corridor, anchored by Manhattan, Kan., and Columbia, Mo., is home to more than 220 animal health companies, which represents the largest concentration in the world.


Ceva Integration of Summit VetPharm Makes News Before NAVC

I’m headed to NAVC tomorrow, but consolidation news continues, this time before the conference.  Good news is just too hard to keep under wraps these days — and it does look like good news for Kansas City.   According to Ceva’s January 12th press release, following its recent acquisition of U.S.-based Summit VetPHarm in August 2010, Ceva is consolidating the businesses into one entity, Ceva Animal Health, LLC.  Brad Butler will be Chief of Operations while Julia Stephanus has been named Vice President, Global Marketing – Companion Animal Parasiticides, effective immediately.  Check out the new logo — wondering if we’ll see it down in Orlando….

Heading South: NAVC Kicks off Veterinary Conference Season

The North American Veterinary Conference is set to begin this coming weekend in Orlando, Florida.  This will be my 15th conference, so admittedly while I enjoy seeing what’s new in veterinary medicine as companies and organizations announce their plans, it is as much a time to reconnect with veterinary friends and colleagues and see how they have fared in 2010 AND their plans for 2011.  This conference is especially meaningful after reading all the contest entries for our 10th Anniversary contest — and the so important role a veterinarian can play in a pet’s care.  If you are pet owner, you might also enjoy visiting the American Veterinary Medical Association web site.  That’s another favorite conference, but doesn’t happen until July when the assembly of delegates elects new leadership.  There’s lots of other conferences in between and hopefully we’ll be able to report on some exciting new developments to help pets from the conferences  in the coming months.