The L.O.V.E. Tour? Oh Yeah!

The full name of the campaign is “The Keep the L.O.V.E. Alive Behavior Express 2012 Tour,” but Steve Dale, veteran pet reporter and host of the upcoming Chicago pet fair, refers to it as the L.O.V.E. Tour for short. I like that because the L.O.V.E. (Lean on Veterinary Expertise) part emphasizes how important it really is to love our pets and solve those pesky behavior problems — with the help of our veterinarian — before it’s too late.

So what is this campaign? Ceva Animal Health  is stepping up and taking a stand to address behavior problems and reduce pet euthanasia. The College of Veterinary Behaviorists thought it was so important that they signed on as a sponsor, with board-certified diplomates in each city. Debra Horwitz, DVM, DACVB, is the national spokesperson for the campaign and other prominent veterinarians like Dr. Marty Becker are helping spread the word. 

The bus, which will travel 12, 000 miles, gets rolling with a kick-off event at the San Diego Zoo on August 2nd, right before the American Veterinary Medical Association Convention.  Six cities are host to pet fairs including Chicago, New York, Kansas City, Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles.  Be sure to check out the tour dates and attend a fair if you are luck enough to have one in your city. The L.O.V.E. Tour — just getting started and a whole lot more to come!

BlogPaws, Dog Party Day, Take Your Dog To Work Day, Oh my!

I was looking forward to watch “I’ll Have Another” run at the Belmont Stakes, the last leg of the horse world’s Triple Crown. It wasn’t meant to be. Today, the dog/pet world celebrates its own Triple Crown of events of sorts — BlogPaws, Dog Party Day, and Take Your Dog to Work Day. I am in Salt Lake City for Blog Paws billed as “the first and largest social media conference where hundreds of the most passionate, articulate and influential voices in the online pet-loving community come together each year.” Events are unfolding for Dog Party Day and Take Your Dog to Work Day.  It’s a great day for pets and people, and although I’ll Have Another didn’t race, I look forward to seeing how this day turns out.  Prediction: It will be a good one!

Across the Pond, “What’s On” — Alot!

Westminster Abbey, London

Did you know Londoners refer to “What’s New” as “What’s On” and “Watch Your Step” becomes “Mind the Gap” on the famous Tube (Subway in NYC)?  I say, what fun!  I learned that and more as I spent some time in London while animal health, particularly pharma, continues its rapid transitions.   Before I left  Craig Wallace was being named Ceva’s North America Zone Director, headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas and when I returned  Abaxis was announcing its national lab locating in Kansas City. All good news for the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor.

Portman Veterinary Clinic, London

While in London, I had the good fortune to take a tour of Portman Veterinary Clinic, a clinic in the heart of the city, established over 37 years ago.  The clinic provides primary and specialist care for companion animals.  Bruce Fogle , the principal veterinarian is a veterinary surgeon, co-founder and vice-chairman of  Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and a best-selling author.   His clinic is situated on a charming street of 18th century shops in the Baker street area of fashionable Marylebone where the likes of Madonna held court with Guy.   The clinic was neat as a pin, the staff engaging, and we had a great chat about the variances of veterinary medicine in the UK vs. the US.  More fodder for another blog post for sure.


The King’s Speech, Baker Street, London

Afterwards, what better place to take in “The King’s Speech” than at the Baker Street Everyman Cinema .  I ordered my ticket and was served up the first hot cup of English tea.  The British crowd seemed to thoroughly enjoy the movie.  I bought the book which I always do AFTER the movie to save any disappointments with Hollywood’s rendition of a story.  That just led to more curiosity about the British Monarchy and the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey.  Surprisingly very few touristy type trinkets were displayed for the impending Royal nuptuals, and certainly talk was muted.

Later in the week I visited the London offices of Informa Healthcare’s Animal Pharm and enjoyed a bit of British culture with some fish & chips and a pint.  The new realities of the media environment remain the same on both sides of the pond, and our conversation focused on a range of topics including the good things happening in the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor as well as the global  issues of the day.

Changing of the Queen’s Life Guard, London

A few days later taking in the Changing of the Queen’s Life Guard led to some awe-inspiring moments.  The ceremony is a bit abbreviated when the queen is not in residence, as was the case during my stay.  The brawn and beauty of the horses from every angle was a sight to behold.  The Household Calvary has guarded the Royal residences for more than 300 years. Ducking into the little known small but informative Household Calvary Museum proved a surprise.  It was among the old horse stables complete with a plexiglas view of the current horses standing ready. Did you know the personnel serving as the Queen’s Calvary are genuine soldiers and go on to serve as an armoured reconnaissance regiment?  Sure the pomp is great to behold, but they mean business!

The Flanks of the Household Calvary Horses, London

Elgin Marble Horses, British Museum, London

The British Museum was toured strictly to see the treasures that were missing when I visited the Parthenon in Athens – the famous Elgin Marbles.  Magnificently displayed and revered they were for sure, but I would love to see them all together.  Alas, the complexities of the politics of that issue remain, and the Museum quietly displays their viewpoint on the matter.  An interesting site for more information is .  While there is a logical history of how they ended up in the Museum, the Marbles would look spectacular all together in Greece, with the Greek people.

Harrod’s London

I was forewarned about the commercialism of Harrods, but I admit my visit was an architectural and pet-branding pet branding mission. The food halls where fine foods of everything imaginable in the original Art Deco style were a site to behold.  Then for a super pet surprise — the Pet Spa and Pet Kingdom, the likes of which I’ve never seen in the U.S. Comments welcome! 




Pet Products Harrods, London

Royal Canin Pet Food Harrods, London

The Pet Kingdom Harrods, London

The Pet Spa Harrods, London

“What’s On” :

Western Veterinary Conference, Las Vegas, NV, February 20-24, 2011

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